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What is it?


istory of the Gold Thread method

Gold Thread medical technology is a skin rejuvenation technique that involves implantation of the thin gold thread into the sub dermal skin. After being introduced into the skin, gold stimulates increased production of the collagen and fibroblasts in response to the presence of the foreign substance. Collagen sleeves are formed along the implanted threads. New tissue formation stimulates and increases metabolism and blood flow to the treated areas, which results in skin rejuvenation. Results are noticeable in 6 to 8 months after the treatment and complete results usually are achieved by one year after the procedure. It is a very quick procedure that lasts about an hour on average. Patients can get back to their normal life immediately after the procedure.

Gold ThreadTM is an ultra-purified, 99.99% pure gold thread at the diameter of 0.1mm, manufactured with full compliances to the relevant regulations of US's Food & Drugs Administration (FDA), for implantation at papillary dermis of human subjects to achieve skin rejuvenation, by means of stimulating the synthesis of skin matrices.

The origin of Gold ThreadTM Implantation can be traced back to Gold Implantation, which is an ancient skin rejuvenation technique used exclusively for the queens of ancient Egypt at 5,000 B.C., where tiny pieces of gold, in the form of thread or filaments, are found in all queens mummies of ancient Egypt.

Gold Implantation was utilized in medical cosmetics since 1960 in France, as Gold Filaments or Gold ThreadTM, where a 0.5 mm gold filaments or threads, with surgical needle at 1 mm diameter, were used for implantation. As this is highly invasive, massive local anesthesia is required. Also, due to much bigger diameter of the old thread, this will produce a visible sub epidermal net after the procedures and patients will have to avoid facial expressions for weeks.

Gold ThreadTM Implantation is an improved version of European's Gold Filaments/Thread technique, with much lesser invasiveness and higher efficacies. Currently, the latest Gold ThreadTM Implantation developed by Dr. Pawel Koziczynsky in year 2000, is performed with gold thread and needle 10 times smaller than those used in European technique (0.1 mm), give rise to an ultra minimal invasive procedure which is painless, no bleeding, no scars and does not requires any kind of anesthesia, with the ability to rejuvenate your skin as much as 5-8 years, at the duration of 8-15 years! Patient can resume normal lifestyle immediately after Gold ThreadTM Implantation procedure.


old ThreadTM Implantation

Beauty and the perfect slender body curve is the eternal pursuance of all women. Reviewing the history of mankind, women have been trying to achieve this immortal goal for centuries.

Gold ThreadTM Implantation is the latest skin rejuvenation technology which has been developed and improvised by renowned plastic and cosmetic surgeons in Europe and US. Clinical observation revealed that Gold ThreadTM Implantation is able to firm up the skin and restore its elasticity, making it remains youthful for the next 8-12 years.

Gold Thread UK is honored to become an exclusive dealer of this modern Gold ThreadTM Implantation, which has become the new leader in beauty cosmetic industry worldwide. Gold ThreadTM Implantation is an improved version of Gold Implantation technique which has been commercialized since the 1960s. The latest technology has created many miracles, which offers superb efficacies with no scars and extremely low invasiveness.

Gold ThreadTM Implantation will rejuvenate you with gold thread which is made of 99.99% pure gold at the diameter of 0.1mm, specifically manufactured for implantation purposes with full compliances to the FDA specifications.

Apart from its indications in beauty and cosmetic areas, clinical observations also revealed that high purity of gold in Gold ThreadTM is also efficacious towards many chronic diseases. e.g. sinusitis, arthritis, rheumatism...etc, with remission of these diseases as long as 8-12 years. Repetition of Gold ThreadTM Implantation every 5 years will ensure proper control of diseases.